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Two dreams about the dogs - жаль девочки, геи для мальчиков
Большо́му кораблю́... большо́е пла́вание.
Two dreams about the dogs
I had two dreams in the last two days that were both dog related.

Two days ago, I dreamt that someone had taught Izzy how to bury toys... so someone tied a rope thing to one of the toys and she started to run it to a digging spot in the back. But when she ran out a car hit her. :( I could see that it was a woman driving the car. I woke up in a sweat.

Last night, I dreamt that Niki was in human form, this brunette. She followed me everywhere I went, and I remember she was just the way she was... happy, full of energy, friendly. And when I was going to take a nap (in the dream), she laid next to me to fall asleep together. Then, she got up, and said "I have to go..." and then she disappeared. I woke up in a sweat again.
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