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Thanksgiving Break - жаль девочки, геи для мальчиков
Большо́му кораблю́... большо́е пла́вание.
Thanksgiving Break
So since last Friday happened, I've considered myself on break.

No school has been the most wonderful heaven-sent blessing.

Played tennis on Saturday.

Then played doubles on Sunday with my doubles partner. We won in 3 sets. Then I played my second flex league match and lost in 2.

Monday I played and lost in 2 in singles. I followed that up with some gym time.

Today I played a very tough 3 setter and lost but just barely.

All of this physical activity is well-deserved. I've needed this since the beginning of the semester. I'm so glad I'm finally able to let loose and exert myself.

I really do hate school.
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